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Once all designs are finalized; tech packs need to be created for each style. Each tech pack acts as a "Bible", containing all details and standards that the factory must adhere to when making the product.

Tech packs can be fairly simple or quite complicated depending on the intricacy of the design. For example, a simple knit tank top will require little construction and usually only one fabric, whereas an outerwear piece will have more construction and can require multiple fabrics, as well as have more POMs (points of measurement).

Each tech pack consists of color CADs, technical black and white CADs with clearly drawn details and construction call outs, a bill of materials (BOM), and a fully graded spec with a POM sketch to show the factory how to measure the garment.

If necessary, costing fields can be added into the BOM in order to cost of out each garment. This is very helpful if producing domestically using multiple contractors and handling the purchasing of materials.